The has free PDF essays & ebooks. 
Copyright is as stated inside each document.
Each has a short filename. Here's a key to them, some of
them have some more writing or editing before they
are complete. More will be added (though there is much
work with each).

at1.pdf    G15 PMN Programming for Absolute Beginners:
  G15 PMN Programming for Kids, vol. 1 of Art of Thinking
  G15 PMN Programming for Teens
  Up to at5.pdf, the most advanced in the
  series Art of Thinking by Aristo Tacoma.

atm.pdf   Magic of Time, Easy-to-read 
  practical philosophy; essay/Booklet by Aristo Tacoma

super-model-theory.pdf   Advanced Computational Physics 
  & Discussion; also part of the G15 PMN 3rd Foundation