Avenue Gold Essence perfumes by AvenueGE.com
A set pr customer pr week

Pls, one set pr customer pr week
Worldwide mail incl. in the $35
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Fashion brands incl AvenueGE Gold Essence
perfumes by Norwegian private company Yoga4d
von Reusch Gamemakers, orgnum
985230560, created by Stein H
Reusch, Aristo Tacoma. Postage address:
Yoga4d:Reusch, Sorumsgate 9,
2000 Lillestrom, Norway
The AvenueGE perfumes comes in Unisex,
'Her'=S8, 'Aftershave'=S6, etc, and
each set has five pocketable items,
refillable with an included skin
refresher. Max one set pr customer
pr week. $35 includes postage etc.
The creator has worked with an
extension of quantum physics based
philosophy/design called Quantum Fields
and insights from this lends itself
to possibly quantum geometric active
features of the unique AvenueGE perfumes.
This means that the Avenuege fragrance
becomes a personalized scent to a
greater extent than what could
otherwise be expected, and give
a unique attraction field.
While unlikely with customs for
a USD35 or EUR35 product, it
can, in some countries, be subject
to extra customs or at least
delays. Contents: Ethanol, aqua,
aromatic features.
Produced with Ufactory xArm7
and with the elegant human assistance
and quality assessment by BERLiNiB models.