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Click here for SRW ballerina painting art catalogue The What does "AVENUEGE" mean? And how do you pronounce it? For Frequently Asked Questions, look at bottom of this page!
Now available: Yoga4d:VRGM's Avenuege ArtCatalogue Avenuege Shops to come, with: fashionable heels t-shirts leather books things incl pc robots Avenuege is the shop of Yoga4d:VRGM. What is Yoga4d? Much! E.g.: Yoga4d:VRGM is into currency trading: ..and we develop robotstuff: ..and we support educational initiatives: ..and we publish a fashion magazine: BerlinIB ..and athletic initiatives: Avenuege concept established in 2015, with background development of design concepts and art in 2016, and public Avenuege event at Hådverkeren, Oslo, Norway, May 5th 2017. All industrial design, all fashion, has as its source the creative lines of art: BACKGROUND.
First, some of the background, and legal stuff. The AVENUEGE concept and associated logos and slogan as shown in image and in title line of this frontpage are trademarks enforced by use owned by the Avenuege division of Yoga4d VRGM (von Reusch GameMakers), a privately owned company in Norway with registration number 985230560. These slogans and these logos were created in 2015. The image of the foundation painting by SRW shows them in a more or less artistic form--the three cubes, the three arrows through open lines, and the double spirals as if on a ballet shoe, also playing on the "A" in Avenuege; with the slogans "Avenuege--AVENUE Gold Elegance" and "The Galaxy of Timeless Style" and, "AVENUEGE.COM The concept of shoe ART", and the notion of "Ave Nu Ege", the honoring of a new age or era--to indicate youth, shoes, fashion, fun, parties. These slogans are used for t-shirts, shoes, leatherwear, and other fashionable items and things, including electronics such as the Avenuege G15 PC as designed and produced by Avenuege and by the owner of Yoga4d:VRGM, the company that owns the Avenuege concept. Founder, owner, and maker of the name "Avenuege" is S Henning Bråten Weber Reusch, artist name SRW, S.R. Weber, programmer and philosophical name Aristo Tacoma, and an administrative contact email is, while all contact between Avenuege and customers connected to any concrete sale is by means of personal contact in an Avenuege shop in the opening hours in each case. In all cases, the Avenuege shops are made for a quality situation of direct sales by cash of excellent items that you can hold in the hand and approve of by this your first-hand experience -- something that sales through a website cannot give. This ensures that you buy that which you want, in the quantity which you want, and with a quality that you have yourself ascertained before paying anything. As for refunds and so on, normal rules within each country apply, naturally. We accept that you pay for Avenuege wares via invoices on the principle of trust, without digital checking of credit scores or anything like that. We will also--as long as there is any form of cash existing in the world--accept cash payments, because we believe in that which you physically can hold in the hand, as means of paying for that which you can physically experience in a real shop in the real world as superior to any over-digitalization of the shop concept. More about the pro-cash attitude to money: On the beauty of cash: PRO CASH ..and on dangers of card oriented society: here. The Avenuege items are in the range from luxury to more affordable items; the element of gold is used elegantly in the cases when it is fashionable and also stylish.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ========================== * Q: What does Avenuege mean? A: It is one of those sounds we just happen to like. It is a poetic sound, made on the spur of the moment when we asked: suppose you were to make a design luxury fashion high heels shop like Gucci only it is going to be called something altogether different. Then what? Avenue Gold Excellence? Way too long. AvenueGE? YES! Ave Nu Ege. Avenue G E. Good as gold. With some comics associations to the Avenegers. You can make more assocations if you like. Then we extended the concept of the fashion shop so that it would have a component that is an art gallery. * Q: Is AVE NU EGE a good way to remember it? If so, what does that mean, then? A: Ave Nu Ege is a brilliant way of remembering it. Okay, here's a way of associating around that word: Ave, well, that's Ave as when the Romans said Ave Caesar, right? It means to honor and so on and so forth. Then NU is, of course, pronuncable as NEW. You have for instance the NU SKIN products--they are amongst the many using those two letters in that sense. Then EGE is a bit of a mystery. Is it Ego? Maybe. Is it Age (as in New Age)? In the sense of fashion's new era? Could well be. Or is it something glamorous, the radiance you have at party nights when everything works out? Oh surely that. * Q: How do you say AVENUEGE exactly? A: Any way you like. But there is one way in particular that feels good. It is a word that was created in a Norwegian context and so here's how to say it in Norwegian and I think it sounds good in many other language environments as well: AVEN as in AVENgers, the A sound as in fAther, E sound as in bEtter then U as in yOU then E with the E sound as in bEtter then G as in Go ahead, Gold, etc then E with the E sound as in bEtter So these are the sounds in AVENUEGE. Finally, the emphasis should be on the second last vowel: AVENUE:GE That is to say, the second last E is pleasantly long * Q: Is it made for the love of it? A: It may be in fashion that companies say that they do things for the love of it more than for the money of it but clearly, only some companies here and there do things for the love of it and what they deliever in terms of quality and as what we can call 'the human factor' is superior to what all others provide. So when you ask this question, you naturally want an honest reply, not just the reply that some marketing departement has constructed as proper verbal ornamentation around the company. And this is the honest reply: this is to such an extent constructed on the principle of doing what feels right to do, on the level of gut feeling and by listening to the heart, that our business idea is to go ahead without planning for income of this branch of the Yoga4d:VRGM activities, at any rate soon. Rather, other branches, in particular currency trading, are used also to sustain Avenuege. And in that way, we can work slowly and plan the success of Avenuege according to, say, a 30-year budget rather than gallop whimsically the way companies do when they must deliever on the bottom line according to, say, a 3-year budget. It's about having a good time, and having great products made for the love of it, and if it also can provide income, fine. If not, we have ways of handling that, and we keep on sustaining Avenuege and growing it to the ripe level it is supposed to get to, in a definite number of cities and in certain places, taking as many years as we require. Let us add to this that Avenuege is commercial in its very long-term intent, also in this sense: what we do in Avenuege events, as for Avenuege shops, and for Avenuege products, books, art, fashion items, technology, etc, is at the highest commercial level, in the sense of professionality, locations, etc. * Q: What is this delicious chill-out and electronica and such Avenuege has in its shops and events? I haven't heard it anywhere else. Can I buy it? A: Thank you for the compliment. It is Avenuege in-house composed music. We don't sell that music, but consider it something that characterises the splendid, fiest-like atmosphere that we like to have, in all our arrangements (including Industrial Babes arrangements). It is a gift to your own ears each time you visit us. Now, to be precise, it doesn't try to fit in any of those categories you mentioned, although some seconds or minutes of them could be said to be just exactly those. The music has an affinity to the muse impressionistic paintings, in how it is made, and how it is meant to convey something which in a harmonious and stimulating way goes beyond the often too- mechanical rhythm that in some cases could people to sleep. SRW has coined the phrase 'futuristic muse-impressionistic music', or FMI music for it. It isn't meant to replace but merely supplement the world of beautiful rhythmic music, but FMI typically has much less, if anything, of drums or underlaying strict counting of pace and such. It is here and there 'ambient', but then it is in other portions as 'unambient' as can be, so that it enlivens rather than merely merges with the wallpaper. * Q: And the books? Can one get them in bookstores and so on, or are they only sold at Avenuege? A: You are right, there. They are only sold at Avenuege. They clearly serve as 'attractors' to the place--the uniqueness of them--but they are also, in a sense (as we consider it), works of art. We also print inside which printing it is--is it first etc--and how many books are printed each time, of each. They range from what we can call "hard core science" to sheer spirituality and poetry, from contemporary and classical ballet photo orientation to contemporary dance in a freer sense, and are always rich in philosophy. (And then there are yet more types of books, some kept in transparent red boxes and sold only to those who can prove that they are over eighteen, and then only if they signal a clear interest in reading stuff no less daring than that of Henry Miller and Anaiis Nin. These, too, are only sold in Avenuege stores, and these typically don't even have ISBN numbers.) The first Avenuege book, and often reprinted, is however a journey into the concept of beauty that takes you through the most eminent of the physics findings--relevant also for a spiritual worldview--of the twentieth century, and beyond, into the 21st. This book, although with plenty of paragraphs readable for all and everyone, also has stuff in it--including a documentation of a new form of physics and philosophy theory summarizes these key findings in science--called 'super model theory'--and these more complicated parts provide something one can study for years and get more and more out of. Then there are color reproductions of ballerina paintings on cover and backside. This is "The Beauty of Ballerinas--awakening non-artificial intelligence", first printed in 2017, by S.R. Weber, and a jewel in the Yoga4d Avenuege library. A must-have for any serious student of life, the arts and not just the fashion of today, but the fashion to come, in any decade, for it delves as deep as can be into many core issues of esthetics and intuition--deciding things from gut feeling. Additional questions? Comments? Feel free to contact Stein R Weber at or at